An end-of-year party is also a fantastic way to showcase your culture, celebrate accomplishments of the past year, and communicate some key messages for the next business year in a more informal way. So this year, we decided to have a vintage theme year-end party at Calle Preciousa, Pasig City.

The fun, celebratory atmosphere of the Year end party is a great way for management to strengthen ties with employees, and for employees to strengthen ties with each other. We know that employee engagements levels significantly increase when theyÂ’re are given the opportunity to network with co-workers and superiors in a less formal social setting.

Here are some of our photos..


img_2049  img_0253   img_0323

img_2110   img_0257  img_2061

img_2135  img_2144  img_2141

img_2236  img_0390  img_0274



Happy Holidays everyone! Cheers. 🙂

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Dalkia Inc. has been certified to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 last November 2016. Audited and certified by Jones Unson Solutions, Dalkia Inc is now accredited with Certificate Registration No. 44 100 17 93 0008 under the scope “Design and Build of Curtain Walls, Windows & Metal Cladding”

Through patience and a lot of hard work, all things have become possible for the organization of Dalkia Inc. 

Congratulations to all! 🙂

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Dalkia Inc. embarked on another weekend of meaningful fun spent together at Acuatico Resort at Laiya Batangas. Last July 8-10, 2016. We arrived at the resort around 9 pm and indulged ourselves in the buffet dinner after the long hour drive then enjoyed the rest of the night chilling and singing our hearts out in the videoke session at the Function Room. The next morning began with team building activities with the theme “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’. Each group became actively involved in team activities. The rest of the day was capped off with even more active relaxation as they enjoyed the resort’s facilities in each other’s company. Everyone came home from that weekend carrying not only the happy memories they’ve shared but also an ever-stronger solidarity for each other and a renewed strength to work together in better service to Dalkia clients.  

Our photos during activities..


13654280_10208002292353156_4134746222762057594_n        13620975_10208002292393157_4665412856436414217_n

13592392_10208002292193152_3126651222895932464_n         13590310_10208002305433483_3334508462817220279_n

13590433_10208002313713690_5657117042466235665_n        13600142_10208002310593612_5441916635261334321_n

13631383_10208002351314630_5489528222658562669_n         13567152_10208002285512985_5640632994896493530_n

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