Dalkia Inc specializes on Canopy and Skylight  Design, Fabrication and Installation with different classifications as follows:


  1. Captured(with External Capping)
  2. Seamless ( Structurally Glazed)
  3. Point Fixed ( use of Spider Fittings)


  1. Float/Annealed Glass
  2. Heat Strengthened Glass
  3. Tempered Glass
  4. Laminated Glass (safety Glass)
  5. Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) Glass
  6. Wired Glass
  7. Lami Art Glass
  8. Fritted Glass
  9. Magic Glass
  10. Reflective Glass

C. AVAILABLE FRAME COATING( for Framed Canopy and Skylights):

  1. Mill Finish
  2. Anodized Coated
  3. Powder Coated
  4. Superdurable Finish
  5. PVDF Coated
  6. Wood Finish Powder Coat(decofusion painted)

Dalkia Inc can easily customize Canopy and Skylights depending on specific Project requirements.